Providence, Rhode Island: Train Station Cafe; December, 1984
© Dale Tanis
“Train Station Cafe” is the short form of the complete title for my print Providence, Rhode Island: Train Station Cafe; December 1984. I shot this one in December of 1984 as the ground was being broken across the valley to construct the new train station in Providence Rhode Island. The next time I was in town the view seen was completely obstructed by boxes that filled the dining area. The following visit found the entire building boarded up. There were rumors that the building was being converted into boutiques and such. (I secretly hoped the diner would become an ice cream shop!) I never returned and therefore cannot report on the site’s fate. However, a collector in Albuquerque once told me of passing through the station during WWII and seeing soldiers asleep all over the train station, including on the counter tops seen here!! Look for the hand prints on the glass panel on the left. A friend of mine who was with me that day got edited out of the window reflection on the right glass panel but vaguely reappeared in the dark reflections on the coffee urns!! If you look VERY closely at the right window pane where the center post of the room is you can just make out the reflection of a hat and to the right of it, what appears to be an arm bent up towards it. That’s me taking the original photograph!!

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