Hot Air Balloon Cards

These hand-silkscreened cards are of real hot air balloons in the real world. They all really exist! Every effort has been made to make them as accurate as possible, howver, occasional artistic license has been applied for simplicity.


Some balloons are resold and renamed. Others are duplicates, known as "off the shelf" designs. The cards are named with the first name I encountered without preference for one name or another.


All cards are blank inside and have the Balloonist's Prayer and the name of the hot air balloon on the back.

Purchase Price: $ 5 each
(includes packaging & shipping)
Levity Hugs 'N' Hot Air Purple Haze Just In Case
Still No Regrets Swiss Lady The Aftermath Sucker Hole
Kachina Wiley Coyote Asses Aloft Firewalker
Sky Gypsy Patriot Zia High Lee
Like Lee
Black Diamond Clydescope Cool Flyings Heaven Bound
Jack's Upsky Kay's
Winddancer II
Orange Crush Photogenic
Primary Colors Sky Candy Sky Magic Sun Dagger
Sunset Rise Tentai Tequila Sunrise Humpty Dumpty



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