Shiprock Sunrise
© Dale Tanis
Many residents of New Mexico know of this regal natural monument in the northwest corner of the state but few have actually seen it. I ventured out from my sisterís house in Farmington to find the right place to photograph the following morning at dawn. This road was perfect and was actually found by driving across dirt washboard tracks 3 miles back from the secondary road to the base of the monument and backtracking down a different passageway. The location secured, I enlisted my dad to get up at 5:00am so I could use his truck to go back in the dark. He came with and asked all sorts of questions about what I was doing, including was it really necessary to get up this early in the morning? I assured him it was and as the sun broke across the eastern horizon, Shiprock Sunrise was called forth and stood bravely in the face of a new day.

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