Rio de Lagrimas
© Dale Tanis
love Doug West. His serigraphs are not only beautiful, but inspirational. When he told me he was going to stop screen printing because the inks were too toxic I was terribly disappointed. No more Doug West prints?!! How can this be?!! Since then I have worked and researched non-toxic inks for my own purposes (the inks in my work were the same Doug used; also too toxic to continue with). The work and research are now done. I then decided that if I couldn’t get another print from Doug, I’d make my own in his style and name it Rio de Lagrimas after the river of tears I cried upon learning he had given up printmaking! Maybe, just maybe, he might have to think about coming back to the work that his fans miss (especially me!).

Edition Size
No. of Prints No of Proofs No. of Screens Image Size Paper Size
22 9 20 7 5/8" x 27 3/8" 7 5/8" x 27 3/8"
Purchase Price:    $ 400
All prints are shipped flat with a Certificate of Authenticity and
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