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What ever happened to Rapunzelís hair when the witch cut it all off and banished her to loneliness in the desert? Well, the witch eventually died by the claw of her pet dragon whom she had abused one time to many and her tower stood in ruin. Many generations later a poor young lad found the heap of braids one day while searching for something to eat and a place to rest. Since the tower was close to the sea, he thought he could sell the rope (for thus he thought were the braids) and buy his way in the world, and so he did. These braids have been passed down from ship to ship for countless years on end. I stumbled upon them last in the Port of Oakland in California securely anchoring large ships from the Far East bearing unknown treasures and thought it wise to record the fact in order to bear witness to their whereabouts, should anyone come looking for them.

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39 8 8 27 7/8" x 18 1/2" 35" x 23"
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