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One of my favorite pastimes is to explore ghost towns. I decided one day that I hadn’t seen Mogollon, New Mexico, so I jumped in the car and off I went. I gotta tell ya, this is one of the hardest places a paved road could go. And 90 miles from anything a person could consider even resembling civilization! As I was (slowly….very slowly!) driving the road up into the mountains that held this gem, I remember thinking, “What jackass (and the person that rode him in) would even THINK of looking for anything of value up here?!!” I may never get an answer to that question, but I finally did get to Mogollon. Only 15 people still live there permanently (and I can’t imagine how). You can still see several buildings including the Theater and the General Store. There are many houses; a couple have been refurbished and are being lived in. But don’t go knockin’. Many are marked Private Property.

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