Old West Fence
© Dale Tanis
Like so many of my designs, Old West Fence no longer exists in the real world. As a boy living in Albuquerque, New Mexico, I used to go to the extinct volcanoes on the mesa west of the city. There was a cavity on the east side in which I could sit and see the whole landscape which included Albuquerque, the Sandia Mountains east of the city, and the mountains north, up by Santa Fe. The gate to the volcanoes was an old wooden post and barbed wire fence, one half of which is the subject of the print. The mountains in the background are south of Albuquerque about 50 miles or so. The last time I was out to the volcanoes, the fence had been replaced by government green stakes with white tops and fresh barbed wire, and the volcanoes had become a park. I am glad to see that the volcanoes will be preserved from development, but I miss the old west fence. (Update, July 2002: Iíve been back out to the volcanoes and itís been many, many years. The fence has changed again and rangers patrol the park to discourage misuse, which seems to be so prevalent these days. Still, I yearn for the days of my childhood and the simplicity of that old west fence.)

1st Place
Places With A Past (2003 Art Show)

Santa Fe Trail Interpretive Center
Las Vegas, NM
Citizens Committee for Historic Preservation
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