Newport Nouveau
© Dale Tanis
The simplicity of Newport Nouveau belies the extravagance of the home that would be directly behind the viewer were he or she to stand in the same spot I did when shooting this photograph. Before you is the view of the back yard of the Vanderbilt mansion The Breakers in Newport, Rhode Island. Beyond lies the Atlantic Ocean. Inside the house almost every room had an Orwellian-sized walk-in marble fireplace, each one valued today at over one million dollars! The two master bathrooms not only had hot and cold running fresh water, but also hot and cold running sea water as the salt was believed to be beneficial for the skin. Then there was the dining room that was imported from some French king’s chateau (yes, the ENTIRE dining room including the walls!), the dining room table that expanded to seat 64 or some other equally ridiculous amount, and the room the size of my kitchen that was designed for the sole purpose of cutting flowers! After such an ostentatious display, this view provided a welcome respite.

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