Desert King
Dale Tanis
The original title of this print was simply, Saguaro. But as the colors were laid down and the image came into being, I thought of these towering giants, the largest of the cactus from the smallest of seeds. I thought about the limited area in the Sonoran Desert in which they grow, towering over all they see. In the spring, they are crowned with beautiful blossoms that are only open at night and by day are home to owls and wrens. Saguaros are endangered and only live in a small area of the world. The altitude has to be just right even in that small area. Rare, astounding and majestic, to actually stand next to one is to be in the presence of a Desert King.

Edition Size
No. of Prints No of Proofs No. of Screens Image Size Paper Size
39 11 11 27 1/2" x 18 3/4" 35" x 23"
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Dale Tanis