Coal Car Detail
Dale Tanis
In high school photography class, I was given the assignment to shoot an entire roll of film in my back yard in Albuquerque, New Mexico. No outstanding images came from that shoot, but the seed was planted for the fascination of details- the abstraction of a whole. Later, in photography school in Boston, I saw an image taken by a fellow student of a bicycle against a stone wall that was another detail/abstraction. The thing I found so wonderful about this image was that at first glance it seemed to be a black and white photograph. However, on closer inspection, I realized it had not been photographed with black and white film but color film! Thus another fascination materialized with attempting to make color images that looked like black and white images. Add scale distortion and small flowers can become wall size and large items can become very small. Coal Car Detail combines all of these elements as well as my love of the way light and shadow can dramatically enhance textures a form of detail in and of itself!

Edition Size
No. of Prints No of Proofs No. of Screens Image Size Paper Size
27 5 7 5 11/16" x 8 1/2" 9" x 10"
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