Canterbury Cathedral
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On my trip to Europe after college, I was surprised and pleased to be landing in the United Kingdom so close to Canterbury Cathedral. It was the first real cathedral I had ever been in. The oddness was that there were modern chairs everywhere, which would not have been there when the cathedral had originally been completed. People stood or sat on the floor in those days. My how soft we’ve become! I ruined at least two screens working on this print. The legs of the chairs were created using scotch tape masks cut with scotch tape directly on the screen. I remember holding my breath until the border was printed. Also, the floor was the same stone as the walls, but aesthetically for the print, it had to be changed. The heavy velvet cover on the altar was originally an ochre color, but I wanted to use the color of royalty in remembrance of our Lord, the King of the Jews. If you look very closely at the vase, you will see that it contains 3 flowers. Each of these flowers had its own screen and is printed in a unique color not found anywhere else in the print. Several years after its printing, I was standing to one side of the print and noticed I was standing, nonetheless, in the middle of the aisle. I moved to the other side of the room and found the same to be true. This was completely unintentional, but there seems to be some magic in my work that I can’t always explain how it got there. Try it for yourself and have a little bit of fun on me today!

2nd Place
New Mexico State Fair 1989

Section 236 – Professional Exhibits
Class 5 – Prints, color or black & white (non-photographic)

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