July 25, 2013

Hi, and thanks for dropping by! I've just this week finished a new print culminating 13 years of research on waterbase screen printing (I'm actually using acrylic inks). It's Rholite, featured on the homepage of this website. It can also be found under the Ghost Towns category in the menu column to the left.

I learned so much and invented new ways of doing things with this new method. My goal was to make the change invisible to you, the collector, yet switch to a far less toxic process. After so many years, I'm finally satisfied with the results and hope you are, too!

Next week I'll be entering Rhyolite 
into the Fine Arts competition for the New Mexico State Fair that runs from September 11-22, 2010
here in Albuquerque.

This year they're back to being open all week long.

Hours for exhibits:
Everyday: 10AM - 9PM

The judging starts next week, so I won't know if I got in or not for a while yet. Wish me luck!!





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